Styling the marker icons

You can always use CSS to customize the look of the UI elements.


Customizing the marker icon size:

.open-user-map .box-wrap .map-wrap .leaflet-map img.leaflet-marker-icon:not(.marker-cluster) {
  --icon_height: 41px; /* customize */
  --icon_width: 26px; /* customize */

  width: var(--icon_width) !important;
  height: var(--icon_height) !important;
  margin-top: calc(-1 * var(--icon_height)) !important;
  margin-left: calc(var(--icon_width) / -2) !important;

Depending on the size of your icon, be sure to change line 2 and line 3.

Secret tip:

You can even use animated GIFs as marker icons 🥳

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