How can I access field values of a location?

How can I access field values of an Open User Map location?

This article is updating on a regular basis. Here you will find all currently available fields and how to display them.

with Shortcodes:

Use the following shortcode to display a specific value of a location:

[open-user-map-location value="Favorite color" post_id="12345"]

The POST_ID attribute is optional if you use the shortcode inside a single page.

These values are available:

  • title
  • image
  • audio
  • type
  • map
  • address
  • lat
  • lng
  • text
  • author_name
  • author_email
  • user_id

with PHP:

Alternatively use the PHP function oum_get_location_value( $value, $post_id ) in case you just want to return the value.