Open User Map

A WordPress Map Plugin that lets your visitors add locations directly from the frontend. Without registration!


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🇺🇦 Open User Map is based on LeafletJS which was created by Ukrainian citizen Vladimir Agafonkin. If you like to support local charity in Ukraine please visit Thank you!


Website visitors can add their own locations
Website visitors can add locations

Just by clicking on "Add location" a form will popup where they drop a marker and provide some location details. After submit the location is "pending" and waits for your approval to go public.

Simply drop location markers
Simply drop location markers

Adding locations is as easy as dropping a location marker on a map. You can search for addresses worldwide to quickly find the right spots.

Marker categories
Filterable Marker Categories

Organize locations in multiple marker groups. Each group (category) can have an individual marker icon and will be accessible to visitors.

Add custom fields

Add your own custom fields (Text, Link, Checkboxes, Dropdowns, etc.) instead of using the defaults. Beside that you can customize many defaults like max. upload filesize, Text after submit, email notification, restrict to registered users, auto-publish and much more.

Regions 🥳

By using the Regions feature, you can create boundaries and designate areas of interest, such as neighborhoods, districts, cities, or even custom areas tailored to your specific needs. For example, a tourism website may use regions to showcase popular landmarks and attractions in different cities or regions.

Create a user map
Extend user registration form

The "Add location" feature can be added to the native WordPress user registration. Build awesome user maps with this simple extension. See it in action here.

Gutenberg Block, Elementor Widget & Shortcodes included
Gutenberg Block, Elementor Widget & Shortcodes included

The Plugin comes with a Gutenberg Block, Elementor Widget and Shortcodes so you can easily add the map or individual location details to your content. Use custom attributes to generate filtered maps with specific locations.

Beautiful Map & Marker Styles
Beautiful Map & Marker Styles

Choose from multiple awesome map and marker styles and find the one that fits best to your website. You can also upload your own custom marker.

Email user notification
Email user & admin notification

Users can opt-in to get a notification email as their location has been approved and is publicly available. Admins can get notified when a new location proposal is needs to be verified.

Comprehensive settings
Comprehensive settings

You can customize many defaults like max. upload filesize, Text after submit, email notification, restrict to registered users, auto-publish and much more.

Free Map Source
Free Map Source, No API Keys!

The map is based on the awesome open-source JavaScript Library Leaflet. Unlike other plugins there are no API Keys or Access Tokens are required. Additionally you can use awesome MapBox map styles.

Export & Import 🥳

Maybe you already have a list of places you need to show on the map. No problem – just make use of the CSV Export & Import feature. This also comes in handy for bulk editing a lot of locations.

Full Featurelist

  • Visitors can add locations directly from the frontend (can be disabled)
  • Refresh, Redirect or display custom Text Message after submit
  • Admin approval for pending locations
  • No API Keys needed
  • Based on Leaflet.js
  • Regions as tabs 🆕
  • Multilingual
  • Provide details for every location
  • Disable default fields
  • Custom fields (public & private)
  • Conditional fields (experimental)
  • Locations with images & audio
  • Shortcode with optional attributes
  • Gutenberg Block with optional attributes
  • Elementor Widget with optional attributes
  • Location markers that are close to each other are grouped together (marker clustering). This is optional.
  • Multiple map styles (incl. MapBox)
  • Multiple marker icon styles
  • Fully customizable map size
  • Fullscreen option
  • All Texts are customizable
  • CSS Styles are easily to override
  • Set initial map focus
  • Keep map focus in fixed position (stay in an area) option
  • PHP backwards compatible until version 5.6
  • tested with most current Wordpress version
  • conflict-free domain changes
  • Fully responsive on all screen sizes
  • Gesture handling for touch devices
  • Geolocation search inside map
  • Detailed Help-Section inside WordPress
  • PRO Many field types for custom fields
  • PRO Additional geosearch providers (Geoapify, Here, MapBox)
  • PRO Upload your custom marker icon
  • PRO Marker categories with individual icons
  • PRO Export & Import Locations
  • PRO User notification (email) after approval
  • PRO Admin notification (email) on new locations
  • PRO Frontend adding only for registered users
  • PRO Unregistered users can be redirected to registration form
  • PRO "Auto-publish" for registered and unregistered users
  • PRO Integrate "Add location" feature to WordPress user registration
  • PRO Customize max. filesize for image/audio uploads (default 10MB)
  • PRO Customize UI elements color
  • PRO Add a button that relocates the map to the users current location
  • PRO Single and archive pages for locations (with comments)
  • PRO Allow registered users to edit their locations
  • PRO Shortcodes for single location values
  • PRO Shortcode to show all location images as gallery
  • PRO Direct support from the developer
  • PRO Access all future PRO features
  • PRO Suggest features that you want to have and we will target these with high priority.



You want to give it a try? With the basic features of the version you can do quite a lot already. You can easily upgrade to PRO later.

Basic features & customization

Support via forum


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Start building your project with the feature-packed professionial version and get tons of extra functionality and customization options.

All current and upcoming PRO features

Direct support from the developer

High priority feature requests

$39.99 / year

Lifetime PRO

Just pay once and get all the premium features and support for lifetime.

All current and upcoming PRO features

Direct support from the developer

High priority feature requests

One-time payment!


Use Cases

Use Case: Surfspots in Gibraltar

Use Case: 500+ kite & windsurfing hotspots worldwide 🏄🏼‍♀️

We thought it's about time to serve a useful map to all the surfing enthusiasts worldwide. With 500+ kite and windsurfing hotspots oranized by a handfull of regions and detailed information on most of the spots, this was an easy go. Surely this project grows and many cool features will be baked in.

See it

Use Case: Bike Rental 🚴‍♀️

Surely you'd rather roll through the city on a bike than waste your valuable time in traffic jams. Now you can quickly find the right bike rental in your city. And of course YOU can add new bike rentals yourself.

See it
Use Case: Bars & restaurants
Use Case: Bars & restaurants

Use Case: Bar and restaurant guide

Where are the top locations for food and drinks in your city? Ask your audience for their recommendations! Prepare some categories like food, drinks, music etc. and let them drop the markers right in the frontend. Watch your map grow fast!

Use Case: Community building

Extend the WordPress user registration form with an "Add location" input. Your new users can drop a marker on the map to share their location. Use it to build an awesome user map and help your audience connecting.

Use Case: Surfspots in Gibraltar
Use Case: Soundmap

Use Case: Sound map

Get your audience a soundmap. Your visitors can not only upload text and images to their locations but audio as well! This way e.g urban (or remote) areas can be discovered by its specific soundscape.


Love it

This plugin is exactly what I need, the pro version offers me all the flexibility that I needed (2 personalized icons, automatically approved, updates to my mail, bulk import). The support is also excellent, very professional and friendly.

Nice plugin and great support

I was searching for a plugin where users can easily add locations. This plugin is exactly offering what I was searching for. Beyond that, the support is excellent and especially very fast.


The only map plugin that makes life super easy, if you want your website visitors to be able to drop a marker on a map, fill out some additional information, and have it added to your core map with approval.

Extremely Useful Plugin & Fast Support

I mostly like the fact that this plugin does not require an API key to work, it is easy and simple to use, essentially plug and play. Thanks to the team.

A great plugin and a great developer

A wonderful plugin that does everything I need. Easy to use and navigate, as well as to edit and customize the content. Easy for other users to add locations. All in all a good package! And what a wonderful developer! So nice and responsive, makes using the plugin trustworthy and if you run into issues, you're not alone 🙂

Best leaflet map plugin to make a living map

I've tried many different plugins, but most of them use google maps or some other (not free) map systems where they normaly charge you by requests/visits. Here you will need the pro version to use it properly, but you won't have any other expenses other than that. It is totaly worth the money. You will be able to make a LIVING map that it is build by the visitors.

Great plugin and great support

I really don't leave reviews very often but this plugin is exactly what I've been looking for. The free version gives you a bundle of useful tools and the Pro version gives you additional tools to make it your own. Support is quick and easy and a bug was fixed in 24 hours (and over a weekend!). Can't fault that service.

Crystal Clear Map Plugin

This is not another map plugin. You don't have to install complex map frameworks, authorized and payable map hits, other plugins, etc. If you want to collect data (text, images and sound files) from registered or non registered WP users this is the right plugin. You have categorized data, custom map markers, data filters, custom fields, etc all in one map page. Easy to use and very friendly. Thanks Daniel for this great plugin!

Just what I needed

Open User Map has the exact functions I was looking to implement on my site. Easy to setup and have running right away. The developers are very helpful and working actively to update and add features and support the users in a timely fashion. Great job!

Great plugin with great support

this is a very simple to use and light weight plugin that perfectly delivers what is promisses and the support is really fast and attentive. after having searched for awhile the features it shows i truly recommend Open User Map for those looking for an easy and straigh forward usage, integration and open dialogue. don’t let the good reviews it gets let you thinking we are robots, try it yourself (:


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