Open User Map

A WordPress Map Plugin that lets your visitors add locations directly from the frontend. Without registration!

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Website visitors can add their own locations

Just by clicking on "Add location" a form will popup where they drop a marker and provide some location details. After submit the location is "pending" and waits for your approval to go public.

Free Map Source

The map is based on the awesome open-source JavaScript Library Leaflet.

No API Keys or Access Tokens required

Because it is open-source, you will never be asked for an API Key or any other form of membership.

Gutenberg Block & Shortcode included

The Plugin comes with a Gutenberg Block so you can easily add the map to your content. Alternatively, you can also integrate the map with shortcode [open-user-map] at any place. This works with PHP templates as well.

Simply drop location markers

Adding locations is as easy as dropping a location marker on a map. You can search for addresses worldwide to quickly find the right spots.

Beautiful Map & Marker Styles

Choose from multiple awesome map and marker styles and find the one that fits best to your website.

Full Featurelist

  • Visitors can add locations directly from the frontend
  • Admin approval for pending locations
  • No API Keys needed
  • Based on Leaflet.js
  • Multilingual
  • Provide details for every location
  • Shortcode included
  • Set locations easily by dropping markers on a map
  • Location markers that are close to each other are grouped together (marker clustering). This is optional.
  • Choose from multiple map styles
  • Choose from multiple marker icon styles
  • CSS Styles are easily to override
  • Set initial map focus
  • PHP backwards compatible until version 5.6
  • tested with most current Wordpress version
  • conflict-free domain changes
  • Fully responsive on all screen sizes
  • Gesture handling for touch devices
  • Gutenberg Block included

Use Case

Use Case: Surfspots in Gibraltar

You want to build a map service where your visitors can add locations on their own. This could be a travel blog or a something like map with public EV charging stations.

The possibilities are endless. We are very curious about what you are building with the help of our plugin. Please don't hesitate to let us know or ask for feature requests in the support forum. As this plugin is under constant development we are keen to know what are the features that you need? Contact us!

Support & Feature Requests

Please use the support forum on to let us know about your ideas helping to make this plugin better. We will try to help you with your support requests immediately!